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"Our Last First Time"
A symphony of musical arrangements and vocal harmony, this music CD contains:
  • Sixteen breathtaking instrumentals. Each instrumental is named after each line of every verse from the title song "Our Last First Time"
  • the ballad "Our Last First Time" which is the feature title song on the CD and
  • the animated music video of "Our Last First Time"; a masterful blend of over thirty original acrylic paintings colorfully and poetically create this heart warming, inspirational video.
The Inspiration Behind "Our Last First Time" in Sue's Own Words
"When I first met Peggy, my surgical oncologist's nurse, she was a small framed woman in her late forties, no taller than 5'2". With every visit, she greeted me with a warm hug and an even warmer smile. Little did I know that behind that grace filled smile was a woman battling Hodgkin's lymphoma and in the years to come, breast and skin cancer.

Over the years, after my visits to the hospital ended, Peggy and I corresponded with yearly Christmas cards.
It wasn't until a few years ago when I received a letter from Peggy informing me she wasn't well. At the end of the letter was her phone number. She asked that I call her.

Over the past two years I had the priviledge of getting to know Peggy and her husband John, and witnessed the great love they possesed for life and for each other. It was during that time that I began writing "Our Last First Time", in hopes of capturing the expression of their unwavering love.

Towards the end of Peggy's life, when she was placed on a vent and she could no longer speak, she continued to smile that smile. Sadly, on March 10th Peggy passed away. After Peg had passed, I was moved to accompany the song with an animated video and wrote an instrumental for each line of every verse.

Losing a loved one leaves a heartache that will never be healed. My wish for "Our Last First Time" is to bring solace and comfort to those who receive this musical expression of love."
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"Hope Rising"
Mesmerizing and poignant, Sue provides listeners with glimpses into life's pivotal moments with the nine inspirational songs
of "Hope Rising"
  • Sue's "Passage of Time" (track 4) was chosen from more than 350,000 artists worldwide to appear on the "Life in the Years" and "More Life in the Years" CDs along with Natalie Merchant, Carly Simon and Livingston Taylor, to benefit the Alzheimers Association.
  • Track 7, "Forget You Never" was among the International "Top 40"
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