The Music of Sue Brescia

The best of Adult Contemporary Music - Peaceful music to quiet your mind, soothe your soul, reduce stress

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What People Are Saying About Sue Brescia's Music
"This is just so beautiful, I love your voice and singing. I really would like to hear more!"
Edward L.

"Very nice. I'd like to hear more of Sue Brescia."
MK Berg

"I'm not comparing this artist to Karen Carpenter but, I can imagine her singing some of
Karen/Richard's music. A very soothing easy to listen to voice. Very nice!"
Jim C.

"Our Last First Time" is amazing!!!!!!!!"
Patricia F.

"Amazing voice!"
Vera N.

"Close your eyes and dream a dream! Thank you!"

"Just lovely"
Pat C.

"Beautiful voice!!!"
JK Gibbs

"Our Last First Time" is a beautiful melody and your voice is remarkable too!"
M. Pete

"You have a great talent. In a world of cacophony sound that supposedly passes for music, your talent
is a breath of fresh relaxing and enjoyable air. Let's hear more from you soon!"
M. Fready

"Our Last First Time", beautiful song"
Gray - Maine

"What a great voice and interpretation..."
Dot - New Ipswich, NH

"Your song and voice touched me. Thank you!"
Anna Findley

"I love "Our Last First Time". I felt sad when I first heard it, then I read the lyrics and saw
the video. It made me cry. I can't stop listening to it and have recommended it to all my Twitter friends."
Samatwitch - Canada

"Beautiful voice. Less tremolo and your Enya"
Ramulin - Redmond, WA

"Sue's voice - so simple, so passionate, a whisper to my heart."
M. Alexander - Georgia

"I am spellbound after hearing this song which is sung by a gentle lady with a beautiful voice."
Debasish - Australia

"It's difficult to find the words to express how moving this is...exquisite, heartfelt, immeasurably
talented, it took my breath away."
Denise - Massachusetts

"Great vocals."
Amit - India

"Very moving sound."
Xandra - Saudi Arabia

"Brescia is talented. Her subject matter varies from amazing lyrical perspectives.
It rises above the obvious cliches and touches the heart and soul of the listener."
Review from Wildy's World

"Such a beautiful piece of work. The music has left an impression on my heart that
has brought so much meaning to the word love."
Donna - Rhode Island

Zoe - Colorado

"Sue's music is like a cool drink of water from a soft trickling stream."
Review from Indie-Music

"Our Last First Time; truly beautiful and enriching to the soul."
Elizabeth - Arizona

Fran - Australia

"Beautiful, just when I was having a bad day, the instrumental "The Love In Your Eyes"
came on. It made me slip away to somewhere else. Beautiful!!!"
Mckenzie - Pennsylvania

"Very soothing!"
Jeanne - Florida

"Sue Brescia's music lures listeners and resonates with raw appreciation for every
moment she has."
Review from Mercury Magazine

"This music is lovely! It caught my attention and I just had to see what song
was playing and who it was by."
Alan - Missouri

"Very relaxing music!"
Chaz - Colorado

"Our Last First Time" is just beautiful, I mean beautiful!"
Review from Jack Gauthier, Lakewest Studios

"Amazing heart and spirit and voice. I have heard no one like her in my life.
To me Sue Brescia is more touching than Leonard Cohen with a much sweeter voice.
She caused tears of memories on this old mans face."
BD - Michigan

"Hauntingly mellow music to release any stress one might have."
Review from John P. Olsen,

"Calming and quite soothing."
Senorg - Columbia

"Beautiful. Sue's music is so touching and deep. Music as kind and soft as the
summers breeze on the wings of a dove."
Fyodor - US

Araceli - Mexico