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Sue also makes available for sale the paintings that went into the creation of the animated video by Rhode Island artist, Cheryl Denton. Click here to view the paintings portrayed in this poignant video that depicts the cycle of life in a beautiful canopy of rich color and emotion to heal the soul.
"Our Last First Time"
The Animated Music Video
Track 17 / "Our Last First Time" CD

Sue Brescia masterfully blends over 30 acrylic paintings to create this heart warming, inspirational video, "Our Last First Time." Each painting eloquently melds into the next to craft a tender story of celebrating the joy shared between two hearts and coping with loss. The video begins with two people walking on the beach with the painting gracefully transforming into a warm embrace. Winged hearts representing the soaring heights of love shift into the "Tree of Life"…the very foundation of all living things being interconnected.

How the Video Process Began
Sue created a storyboard and asked Rhode Island artist Cheryl Denton to produce the paintings. Choosing the color palettes for each painting, over 30 paintings were completed for the project. As each painting was completed, a high resolution photo was taken. Sue experimented with various programs to create the animation of "Our Last First Time." It took over 1 ½ years to complete and bring this touching and poetic video to perfection.

Click here to read the inspiration behind the music and video...
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Personalized Bereavement, Sympathy Gift, Paintings from Video
"On The Way To Finding Peace"
The Music Video
Track 8 / "Hope Rising" CD

"I wanted to communicate my frustrations over the pain, suffering and greed that has enveloped our world. Since when is one human life worth more than another? Isn't each life a gift? Why can't we all live life simply? If we could all come from a place of love and grace towards all human kind, we could change the world as we know it today."
~ Sue
"Passage of Time"
The Music Video
Track 4 / "Hope Rising" CD

"Passage of Time" evolved suddenly after taking my mother to one of her doctor's appointments. While she was being examined, she looked up at me and at that very moment I realized, the tables have turned, the passage of time had taken place. It was my turn to take care of her.
This experience heightened my awareness of the mortality of my parents and reminded me to cherish every moment I have with them." ~ Sue
"Stepping Stones"
The Music Video
Track 1 / "Hope Rising" CD

"It was during my own journey of fear and doubt
when "Stepping Stones" came to fruition", Sue says.
"It is amazing to me how these illusions can hold
one back from discovering their own greatness."
~ Sue